A shoe historian based in Northampton, England burned out shoes and shoes that don’t fit properly can restrict with the feet, pelvis and spine. Depending on the density of the indications of your particular parkour session, it can be both an easy rehearsal and a frightening. However, Best Parkour Shoes wearing satisfactory footwear, as we outline below, will ensure you have a great experience. Skills such as jumping, running, spinning, rotating, pulling, pushing, and climbing are all involved. Parkour is often related to calisthenics, seeing as it’s a discipline that trains the aerobic aspects of the body. Because of improvements in flexibility and agility, calisthenics is a highly practiced discipline among parkour practitioners, thus dictates to a higher degree which types of footwear would be ideal as they need to switch the progressive motions that come with it too.

Shoes are the best indicator of how people are feeling,” says June Swann,

Initially Parkour has started as entertaining sports, but with the passage of time it has evolved into aerobic training discipline and even designated as competition .People Consider it as a way to stay fit and healthy. One thing which is helpful in calisthenics practices and keeping your body fit and healthy is, an outstanding parkour shoes.
Here are 5 of the best parkour shoe for you.

Take Flight 1.0 Best Parkour Shoes & Training Shoe

Prepared for act, professional you can demonstrates a precision jump at a skate park. Most note able, we assurance the 1.0s to have the finest grip on bars of any Parkour shoe you’ve ever worn, and this comes in especially handy for precision jumps.
Aimed to take care of you, so you can focus on your movement. Professional Traceur Andrey Inf clear a gap in Ukraine. One thing about the 1.0s that separates them from other shoes is how they combine feel and cushioning. When wearing the shoes, you’ll be able to feel the ground relatively well while still have the support you need to take big drops.

The finest all purpose and Parkour precise adhesion you’ve ever sensed on a shoe
Super comfortable with excessive touch
Made to feel and perform the way a shoe should
Adaptable Parkour and exercise shoe
Made with a dual-removable sole for softening adaptability

KNOW OBSTACLE’s Gen 3 Parkour and free running shoes

The standard KO appearance has been a standard on the PK and free running scene since 2011. We listened to customer comments about our best-selling Gen 2 shoe and made some changes to the sole. The shoe will be amazing when u first got it. .you will find its grip amazing, and it had just enough filling for a beginner. The simple sole & wide toe box help develop proper technique and allow feet to truly feel the ground to achieve maximum contact for precision’s and balance. At just over a pound per pair, the shoes are so light and flexible; that you would feel like wearing nothing at all. Lastly Because of the increased heel cushioning these shoes have a greater heel to toe ratio on the outer sole for you’re comfortably.

Durable grip from heel to toe
Weight: 9.7 oz*
Standard toe box for sleek look
Maximum heel cushion
21mm at heel
11mm at ball of foot
Firm heel cup to provide maximum heel support

Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe

By drag designing it will provide consistency in all circumstances because no drags placed under the arch, so your foot feels greater comfort. Sure adhesive friction on both wet and dry surfaces in even the most extreme temperatures. There’s a lot of ways to make a shoe rather than one way to make a shoe. Vegan friendly uses 0% animal products while providing 100% comfort and style. Feel decent. Look decent. This vapor Glove trail shoe liberates your run with zero-drop ground contact. The breathable net upper molds to your foot for an uninhibited step.

Fabric and Artificial
Gum only
Low-profile trail runner featuring lace-up vamp and pull label at counter
Breathable mesh and thermoplastic polyurethane upper
Sticky Vibram outsole for traction

Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes – White/Black

This shoe will offer you a protected and breathable coverage due to its composition from mesh and TPU material. 100% vegan-friendly construction is mostly appreciated by regular runner. The mesh coating and foot bed have been coated with the M Select FRESH odor-wicking tech. The out sole unit is made with the very strong and reliable Vibram layer. The foot bed has been combined as one unit with the out sole, making a very simple and shoe less-like running experience. The 2nd version of the Vapor Glove has a very lightweight nature. Wide-reaching, Vapor Glove 2 is in the top 10% most popular running shoes. The brand, Merrell, is the 12th most popular.


The #1 shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters.
Simple, durable canvas lace-up top and a padded yet light sole.
The tread is perfect for all martial arts styles.
Providing maximum traction for ultimate performance.

Best Parkour Shoe

Best Parkour Shoe

DOUBLE STAR MR Classical Kung Fu Shoes for Paukour Training Lightweight Sneaker

If you want to learn Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and material art etc then this model of Parkour shoes is best choice for you.
Anti skid: These canvas shoes with upper class rubber soles are 100% anti skid, which could ensure your safety when training.
Lightweight: Less than 300g per shoe. The canvas are breathable, the shoes could help feel every step when practicing.
High Class: This is the most classical mode of Double star, we manufactured and sold thousands of these shoes, so the quality is verified by the market, and so is the price.
Ultra 6 Series includes 6 new features of Double star sport shoes.You’ll enjoy the soft covering and cushioned, memory-foam sole. Out-soles with our technology boast a flexible, lightweight design.
This sporty shoe features accents on the breathable mesh upper as well as on the sole for a fun and distinctive look.

About Double star
Double star is the primary shoes manufacturer in China. Our first factory was founded in 1921 at Qingdao, Shandong, China. Over the years, Double star became known for making sporty footwear, with the demand of our shoes gone up, Double star became our dominate brand, and we are now one of the largest shoe manufacturers in China with more than 40 production lines.

Today, we offer a variety of footwear choices, such as soccer shoes, casual sneaker, walking shoes and Kung Fu shoes.

With our revolutionary rubber processing technology, our shoes are popular among outdoors for the high quality soles.


Classical: Durable and breathable woven canvas fabric upper; rubber sole; cotton lining, light weight.
Non Skid: Vulcanized rubber mid sole trim and flexible nitrite rubber traction out sole is slip, chemical and oil resistant.
The best gifts for beginner of martial arts, kung fu,Tai chi, parkour.
Very flexible, they also have a fairly thin sole that provides just a bit of ground feel.
Well-designed Sole: The rubber of the out soles comes up and around the sides slightly, protect your toes and keep shoes clean.

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A shoe historian based in Northampton, England burned out shoes and shoes that don't fit properly can restrict the feet, pelvis, and spine. Depending on the density of the indications of your particular parkour session.
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